AnnotationHub 2.11.2

Client to access AnnotationHub resources

Released Nov 10, 2017 by Bioconductor Package Maintainer

This package can be loaded by Renjin but all tests failed.


BiocInstaller 1.29.3 interactiveDisplayBase 1.17.0 AnnotationDbi 1.41.4 curl yaml 2.1.16 BiocGenerics 0.25.1 httr 1.3.1 S4Vectors 0.17.15 RSQLite

This package provides a client for the Bioconductor AnnotationHub web resource. The AnnotationHub web resource provides a central location where genomic files (e.g., VCF, bed, wig) and other resources from standard locations (e.g., UCSC, Ensembl) can be discovered. The resource includes metadata about each resource, e.g., a textual description, tags, and date of modification. The client creates and manages a local cache of files retrieved by the user, helping with quick and reproducible access.



This package can be included as a dependency from a Java or Scala project by including the following your project's pom.xml file. Read more about embedding Renjin in JVM-based projects.

    <name>bedatadriven public repo</name>

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This package was last tested against Renjin 0.8.2565 on Jan 3, 2018.



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