KEGGlincs 1.6.2

Visualize all edges within a KEGG pathway and overlay LINCS data [option]

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: hgu133a.db 3.2.3


hgu133a.db 3.2.3 AnnotationDbi 1.42.1 httr 1.3.1 gtools 3.8.1 XML 3.98-1.16 3.6.0 KEGGREST 1.20.1 KEGGgraph 1.40.0 plyr 1.8.4 igraph 1.2.2 RJSONIO 1.3-0 KOdata 1.6.0

See what is going on 'under the hood' of KEGG pathways by explicitly re-creating the pathway maps from information obtained from KGML files.



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