altcdfenvs 2.42.0

alternative CDF environments (aka probeset mappings)

Released Apr 30, 2018 by Laurent Gautier

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin because there was a problem building the package using Renjin's toolchain. View Build Log An older version of this package is more compatible with Renjin.


Biostrings 2.48.0 affy 1.58.0 hypergraph 1.52.0 BiocGenerics 0.26.0 Biobase 2.40.0 S4Vectors 0.18.1 makecdfenv 1.56.0

Convenience data structures and functions to handle cdfenvs

Test Results

This package was last tested against Renjin 0.9.2643 on May 4, 2018.



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