ARTIVA 1.2.2

Infer a time-varying DBN network from time series data.

Released Sep 9, 2013 by S. Lebre and G. Lelandais.

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: gplots 3.0.1


gplots 3.0.1 igraph 1.1.2 MASS 7.3-47

This package generates Reversible Jump MCMC (RJ-MCMC) sampling for approximating the posterior distribution of a time varying regulatory network, under the Auto Regressive TIme VArying (ARTIVA) model (for a detailed description of the algorithm, see Lebre et al. BMC Systems Biology, 2010). Starting from time-course gene expression measurements for a gene of interest (referred to as "target gene") and a set of genes (referred to as "parent genes") which may explain the expression of the target gene, the ARTIVA procedure identifies temporal segments for which a set of interactions occur between the "parent genes" and the "target gene". The time points that delimit the different temporal segments are referred to as changepoints (CP).



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