AdaptFitOS 0.67

Adaptive Semiparametric Additive Regression with Simultaneous Confidence Bands and Specification Tests

Released May 23, 2018 by Manuel Wiesenfarth

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MASS 7.3-50 nlme 3.1-137 SemiPar 1.0-4.2 mgcv 1.8-23

Fits semiparametric additive regression models with spatially adaptive penalized splines and computes simultaneous confidence bands and associated specification (lack-of-fit) tests. Simultaneous confidence bands cover the entire curve with a prescribed level of confidence and allow us to assess the estimation uncertainty for the whole curve. In contrast to pointwise confidence bands, they permit statements about the statistical significance of certain features (e.g. bumps) in the underlying curve.The method allows for handling of spatially heterogeneous functions and their derivatives as well as heteroscedasticity in the data. See Wiesenfarth et al (2012) .



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    <name>bedatadriven public repo</name>

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