AdhereR 0.5

Adherence to Medications

Released Jun 11, 2019 by Dan Dediu

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: manipulate, shinyWidgets 0.4.8, haven 2.1.0, data.table 1.12.2, shiny 1.3.2, readODS 1.6.7, RMariaDB 1.0.6, and knitr 1.23 An older version of this package is more compatible with Renjin.


haven 2.1.0 data.table 1.12.2 shinyWidgets 0.4.8 readODS 1.6.7 shiny 1.3.2 knitr 1.23 RMariaDB 1.0.6 DBI 1.0.0 scales 1.0.0 lubridate 1.7.4 viridisLite 0.3.0 V8 2.2 RSQLite shinyjs 1.0 readxl 1.3.1 clipr 0.6.0 colourpicker 1.0 highlight

Computation of adherence to medications from Electronic Health care Data and visualization of individual medication histories and adherence patterns. The package implements a set of S3 classes and functions consistent with current adherence guidelines and definitions. It allows the computation of different measures of adherence (as defined in the literature, but also several original ones), their publication-quality plotting, the estimation of event duration and time to initiation, the interactive exploration of patient medication history and the real-time estimation of adherence given various parameter settings. It scales from very small datasets stored in flat CSV files to very large databases and from single-thread processing on mid-range consumer laptops to parallel processing on large heterogeneous computing clusters. It exposes a standardized interface allowing it to be used from other programming languages and platforms, such as Python.



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