AeRobiology 2.0.1

A Computational Tool for Aerobiological Data

Released Jun 3, 2019 by "Jose Oteros"

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: ggvis 0.4.4, tidyr 0.8.3, data.table 1.12.2, and plotly 4.9.0


tidyr 0.8.3 data.table 1.12.2 plotly 4.9.0 ggvis 0.4.4 scales 1.0.0 lubridate 1.7.4 ggplot2 3.2.0 writexl 1.1 dplyr 0.8.2 circular 0.4-93 zoo 1.8-6

Different tools for managing databases of airborne particles, elaborating the main calculations and visualization of results. In a first step, data are checked using tools for quality control and all missing gaps are completed. Then, the main parameters of the pollen season are calculated and represented graphically. Multiple graphical tools are available: pollen calendars, phenological plots, time series, tendencies, interactive plots, abundance plots...



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