AmostraBrasil 1.2

Generates Samples or Complete List of Brazilian IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro De Geografia e Estatistica) Census Households, Geocoding it by Google Maps

Released Jul 26, 2016 by Celso Stephan;Ricardo Cordeiro

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin because there was a problem building the package using Renjin's toolchain. View Build Log


rgdal 1.2-15 stringr 1.2.0 RCurl sp 1.2-5 RJSONIO 1.3-0 foreign 0.8-69

Generates samples or complete list of Brazilian IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica, see for more information) census households, geocoding it by Google Maps. The package connects IBGE site and downloads maps and census data.



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