adapr 2.0.0

Implementation of an Accountable Data Analysis Process

Released Nov 30, 2017 by Jonathan Gelfond

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: devtools 1.13.6, plotly 4.8.0, and shiny 1.1.0


shiny 1.1.0 plotly 4.8.0 devtools 1.13.6 gdata 2.18.0 git2r 0.23.0 plyr 1.8.4 igraph 1.2.2 versions 0.3 ggplot2 3.0.0 knitr 1.20 digest 0.6.16 doParallel 1.0.11 rmarkdown 1.10 archivist 2.3.1 shinydashboard 0.7.0

Tracks reading and writing within R scripts that are organized into a directed acyclic graph. Contains an interactive shiny application adaprApp(). Uses git2r package, Git and file hashes to track version histories of input and output. See package vignette for how to get started. V1.02 adds parallel execution of project scripts and function map in vignette. Makes project specification argument last in order. V2.0 adds project specific libraries, packrat option, and adaprSheet().



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