admixturegraph 1.0.2

Admixture Graph Manipulation and Fitting

Released Dec 13, 2016 by Thomas Mailund [cre, aut], Kalle Leppala [aut], Svend Nielsen [aut]

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MASS 7.3-45 dplyr 0.5.0 doParallel 1.0.10 ggplot2 2.2.0 foreach 1.4.3 neldermead 1.0-10 pracma 1.9.5

Implements tools for building and visualising admixture graphs and for extracting equations from them. These equations can be compared to f- statistics obtained from data to test the consistency of a graph against data -- for example by comparing the sign of f_4-statistics with the signs predicted by the graph -- and graph parameters (edge lengths and admixture proportions) can be fitted to observed statistics.



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