agricolae 1.0-2

Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research

Released Feb 11, 2007 by Felipe de Mendiburu

This version of agricolae is not supported by Renjin. Please use a more recent version.

These functions are currently utilized by the International Potato Center Research (CIP), the Statistics and Informatics Instructors and the Students of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina Peru, and the Specialized Master in "Bosques y Gesti´┐Żn de Recursos Forestales" (Forest Resource Management). This package contains functionality for the statistical analysis of experimental designs applied specially for field experiments in agriculture and plant breeding. Planning of field experiments: Lattice, factorial, RCBD, CRD, Latin Square, Greaco, BIB, Alpha design. Comparison of multi-location trials: AMMI (biplot and triplot), Stability. Comparison between treatments: LSD, HSD, Waller, Kruskal, Friedman, Durbin, Van Der Waerden. Resampling and simulation: resampling.model, simulation.model, Ecology: Indices Biodiversity, path analysis, Uniformity Soil: Index Smith's.