agricolae 1.0-7

Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research

Released Apr 20, 2009 by Felipe de Mendiburu

This version is archived for historical reasons. Please see a more recent version for Renjin compatability information.

Agricolae is a project in order to obtain the degree of master in Systems Engineering in the National University of Engineering in Lima-Peru (UNI in Spanish). These functions are currently utilized by the International Potato Center Research (CIP), the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM-PERU), and the Instituto Nacional de Investigacion Agricola (INIA-PERU). It comprises the functionality of statistical analysis into experimental designs applied specially for field experiments in agriculture and plant breeding: Lattice, factorial, complete and incomplete block, Latin Square, Greaco, Alpha designs, Cyclic designs, comparison of multi-location trials, comparison between treatments, resampling, simulation, biodiversity indexes and consensus cluster.