Suite of GR Hydrological Models for Precipitation-Runoff Modelling

Released Jan 24, 2017 by Laurent Coron [aut, trl], Charles Perrin [aut, ths], Claude Michel [aut, ths], Vazken Andréassian [ctb, ths], Pierre Brigode [ctb], Olivier Delaigue [cre, ctb], Nicolas Le Moine [ctb], Thibaut Mathevet [ctb], Safouane Mouelhi [ctb], Ludovic Oudin [ctb], Raji Pushpalatha [ctb], Guillaume Thirel [ctb], Audrey Valéry [ctb]

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Hydrological modelling tools developed at Irstea-Antony (HBAN Research Unit, France). The package includes several conceptual rainfall-runoff models (GR4H, GR4J, GR5J, GR6J, GR2M, GR1A), a snowmelt module (CemaNeige) and the associated functions for their calibration and evaluation. Use help(airGR) for package description.



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