amerika 0.1.0

American Politics-Inspired Color Palette Generator

Released May 3, 2019 by Philip Waggoner

This package is available for Renjin and there are no known compatibility issues.

A color palette generator inspired by American politics, with colors ranging from blue on the left to gray in the middle and red on the right. A variety of palettes allow for a range of applications from brief discrete scales (e.g., three colors for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans) to continuous interpolated arrays including dozens of shades graded from blue (left) to red (right). This package greatly benefitted from building on the source code (with permission) from Ram and Wickham (2015).



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    <name>bedatadriven public repo</name>

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This package was last tested against Renjin 0.9.2726 on May 7, 2019.



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