archetypal 1.0.0

Finds the Archetypal Analysis of a Data Frame

Released Jun 13, 2019 by Demetris Christopoulos

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Matrix 1.2-17 doParallel 1.0.14 lpSolve inflection 1.3.5 geometry 0.4.1

Performs archetypal analysis by using Convex Hull approximation under a full control of all algorithmic parameters. It contains functions useful for finding the proper initial approximation, the optimal number of archetypes and function for applying main algorithm. Morup, M., Hansen, LK (2012) . Hochbaum, DS, Shmoys, DB (1985) . Eddy, WF(1977) . Barber, CB, Dobkin, DP, Huhdanpaa, HT (1996) . Christopoulos, DT (2016) .



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