CRAN 1.6.1

Copy-Number Analysis of Large Microarray Data Sets

Released Oct 28, 2015 by Henrik Bengtsson

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: R.filesets 2.12.1, PSCBS 0.64.0, R.oo 1.22.0, aroma.core 3.1.3, R.cache 0.13.0, and R.utils 2.6.0


R.filesets 2.12.1 aroma.core 3.1.3 R.utils 2.6.0 R.cache 0.13.0 PSCBS 0.64.0 R.oo 1.22.0 R.methodsS3 1.7.1 matrixStats 0.54.0

Methods for analyzing DNA copy-number data. Specifically, this package implements the multi-source copy-number normalization (MSCN) method for normalizing copy-number data obtained on various platforms and technologies. It also implements the TumorBoost method for normalizing paired tumor-normal SNP data.