assertable 0.2.4

Verbose Assertions for Tabular Data (Data.frames and Data.tables)

Released Jun 28, 2017 by Grant Nguyen [aut, cre]

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin because there was a problem building the package using Renjin's toolchain. View Build Log


data.table 1.10.4

Simple, flexible, assertions on data.frame or data.table objects with verbose output for vetting. While other assertion packages apply towards more general use-cases, assertable is tailored towards tabular data. It includes functions to check variable names and values, whether the dataset contains all combinations of a given set of unique identifiers, and whether it is a certain length. In addition, assertable includes utility functions to check the existence of target files and to efficiently import multiple tabular data files into one data.table.



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