auRoc 0.2-0

Various Methods to Estimate the AUC

Released Jan 13, 2019 by Dai Feng

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: MBESS 4.4.3 An older version of this package is more compatible with Renjin.


MBESS 4.4.3 coda 0.19-2 rjags 4-8 ProbYX 1.1-0

Estimate the AUC using a variety of methods as follows: (1) frequentist nonparametric methods based on the Mann-Whitney statistic or kernel methods. (2) frequentist parametric methods using the likelihood ratio test based on higher-order asymptotic results, the signed log-likelihood ratio test, the Wald test, or the approximate ''t'' solution to the Behrens-Fisher problem. (3) Bayesian parametric MCMC methods.



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