awspack 0.1.6

Amazon Web Services Bundle Package

Released Jul 5, 2017 by Thomas J. Leeper

This package can be loaded by Renjin but no tests could be found for the package.


aws.ec2metadata 0.1.2 aws.polly 0.1.2 aws.iam 0.1.7 aws.s3 0.3.3 aws.alexa 0.1.4 0.1.4 aws.sqs 0.1.10 aws.lambda 0.1.6 aws.cloudtrail 0.1.5 aws.sns 0.1.7 aws.signature 0.3.5

A bundle of all of 'cloudyr' project packages for Amazon Web Services ('AWS') . It depends upon all of the 'cloudyr' project's 'AWS' packages. It is mainly useful for installing the entire suite of packages; more likely than not you will only want to load individual packages one at a time.



This package can be included as a dependency from a Java or Scala project by including the following your project's pom.xml file. Read more about embedding Renjin in JVM-based projects.

    <name>bedatadriven public repo</name>

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