kitagawa 2.1-0

Spectral response of water wells to harmonic strain and pressure

Released Oct 4, 2013 by Andrew J Barbour

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: kelvin 2.0-0


kelvin 2.0-0

Provides tools to calculate the theoretical hydrodynamic response of an aquifer undergoing harmonic straining or pressurization. There are two classes of models here: (1) for sealed wells, based on the model of Kitagawa et al (2011), and (2) for open wells, based on the models of Cooper et al (1965), Hsieh et al (1987), Rojstaczer (1988), and Liu et al (1989). These models treat strain (or aquifer head) as an input to the physical system, and fluid-pressure (or water height) as the output. The applicable frequency band of these models is characteristic of seismic waves, atmospheric pressure fluctuations, and solid earth tides.



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