ldamatch 1.0.1

Selection of Statistically Similar Research Groups

Released Jun 27, 2016 by Kyle Gorman

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: gmp 0.5-13.2, car 3.0-1, iterpc 0.4.1, and data.table 1.11.4


car 3.0-1 iterpc 0.4.1 data.table 1.11.4 gmp 0.5-13.2 iterators 1.0.10 kSamples 1.2-8 MASS 7.3-50 foreach 1.4.4 entropy 1.2.1 RUnit 0.4.32

Select statistically similar research groups by backward selection using various robust algorithms, including a heuristic based on linear discriminant analysis, multiple heuristics based on the test statistic, and parallelized exhaustive search.



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