adSplit 1.50.0

Annotation-Driven Clustering

Released Apr 21, 2010 by Claudio Lottaz

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: multtest 2.36.0, Biobase 2.40.0, GO.db 3.6.0, AnnotationDbi 1.42.1, and KEGG.db 3.2.3 An older version of this package is more compatible with Renjin.


KEGG.db 3.2.3 Biobase 2.40.0 AnnotationDbi 1.42.1 multtest 2.36.0 GO.db 3.6.0 cluster 2.0.7-1

This package implements clustering of microarray gene expression profiles according to functional annotations. For each term genes are annotated to, splits into two subclasses are computed and a significance of the supporting gene set is determined.



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