girafe 1.32.0

Genome Intervals and Read Alignments for Functional Exploration

Released Dec 31, 2017 by J. Toedling

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: ShortRead 1.38.0


ShortRead 1.38.0 Biobase 2.40.0 intervals 0.15.1 Biostrings 2.48.0 genomeIntervals 1.36.0 BiocGenerics 0.26.0 IRanges 2.14.10 S4Vectors 0.18.3 Rsamtools 1.32.3

The package 'girafe' deals with the genome-level representation of aligned reads from next-generation sequencing data. It contains an object class for enabling a detailed description of genome intervals with aligned reads and functions for comparing, visualising, exporting and working with such intervals and the aligned reads. As such, the package interacts with and provides a link between the packages ShortRead, IRanges and genomeIntervals.



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