AFheritability 0.1.0

The Attributable Fraction (AF) Described as a Function of Disease Heritability, Prevalence and Intervention Specific Factors

Released May 17, 2019 by Elisabeth Dahlqwist

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: shiny 1.3.2


shiny 1.3.2 ggplot2 3.2.0 reshape2 1.4.3 mvtnorm 1.0-11

The AFfunction() is a function which returns an estimate of the Attributable Fraction (AF) and a plot of the AF as a function of heritability, disease prevalence, size of target group and intervention effect. Since the AF is a function of several factors, a shiny app is used to better illustrate how the relationship between the AF and heritability depends on several other factors. The app is ran by the function runShinyApp(). For more information see Dahlqwist E et al. (2019) .



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