AGread 0.2.2

Read Data Files from ActiGraph Monitors

Released Mar 13, 2019 by Paul R. Hibbing

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: DescTools 0.99.28, anytime 0.3.3, data.table 1.12.2, GGIR 1.9-0, rlang 0.3.4, and dplyr An older version of this package is more compatible with Renjin.


GGIR 1.9-0 data.table 1.12.2 dplyr anytime 0.3.3 rlang 0.3.4 DescTools 0.99.28 lubridate 1.7.4 seewave 2.1.3 magrittr 1.5 stringr 1.4.0 binaryLogic 0.3.9

Standardize the process of bringing various modes of output files into R. For more information, see: . Additionally, processes are provided to read and minimally pre- process raw data from primary accelerometer and inertial measurement unit files, as well as binary .gt3x files. ActiGraph monitors are used to estimate physical activity outcomes via body-worn sensors that measure (e.g.) acceleration or rotational velocity.



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