IMIFA 2.1.0

Infinite Mixtures of Infinite Factor Analysers and Related Models

Released Feb 4, 2019 by Keefe Murphy

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slam 0.1-44 matrixStats 0.54.0 mclust 5.4.2 viridis 0.5.1 Rfast 1.9.2 mvnfast 0.2.5

Provides flexible Bayesian estimation of Infinite Mixtures of Infinite Factor Analysers and related models, for nonparametrically clustering high-dimensional data, introduced by Murphy et al. (2018) . The IMIFA model conducts Bayesian nonparametric model-based clustering with factor analytic covariance structures without recourse to model selection criteria to choose the number of clusters or cluster-specific latent factors, mostly via efficient Gibbs updates. Model-specific diagnostic tools are also provided, as well as many options for plotting results, conducting posterior inference on parameters of interest, posterior predictive checking, and quantifying uncertainty.



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