adwordsR 0.3.1

Access the 'Google Adwords' API

Released Jun 19, 2018 by Sean Longthorpe

This package is available for Renjin and there are no known compatibility issues.


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Allows access to selected services that are part of the 'Google Adwords' API . 'Google Adwords' is an online advertising service by 'Google', that delivers Ads to users. This package offers a authentication process using 'OAUTH2'. Currently, there are two methods of data of accessing the API, depending on the type of request. One method uses 'SOAP' requests which require building an 'XML' structure and then sent to the API. These are used for the 'ManagedCustomerService' and the 'TargetingIdeaService'. The second method is by building 'AWQL' queries for the reporting side of the 'Google Adwords' API.



This package can be included as a dependency from a Java or Scala project by including the following your project's pom.xml file. Read more about embedding Renjin in JVM-based projects.

    <name>bedatadriven public repo</name>

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This package was last tested against Renjin 0.9.2657 on Aug 18, 2018.



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