diffMeanVar 0.0.6

Detecting Gene Probes with Different Means or Variances Between Two Groups

Released Oct 5, 2017 by Weiliang Qiu

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: methylumi, Biobase, and missMethyl


lawstat 3.2 MASS 7.3-50

A collection of functions to detect gene probes with different means or variances between two groups in (epi)-genomic data analysis, including classical F test and Levene's test for equal variance, likelihood ratio test for equal mean and equal variance, the wrappers for functions in R Bioconductor package 'missMethyl' (Phipson and Oshlack (2014) ), the implementation of the methods proposed by Ahn and Wang (2013) , and the improved Ahn and Wang's methods that we proposed recently (Qiu and Li et al. (2017) ).



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