dtpcrm 0.1.0

Dose Transition Pathways for Continual Reassessment Method

Released Apr 10, 2019 by Christina Yap

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dfcrm 0.2-2.1 diagram 1.6.4

Provides the dose transition pathways (DTP) to project in advance the doses recommended by a model-based design for subsequent patients (stay, escalate, deescalate or stop early) using all the accumulated toxicity information; See Yap et al (2017) . DTP can be used as a design and an operational tool and can be displayed as a table or flow diagram. The 'dtpcrm' package also provides the modified continual reassessment method (CRM) and time-to-event CRM (TITE-CRM) with added practical considerations to allow stopping early when there is sufficient evidence that the lowest dose is too toxic and/or there is a sufficient number of patients dosed at the maximum tolerated dose.



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    <name>bedatadriven public repo</name>

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