youtubecaption 0.1.1

Downloading YouTube Subtitle Transcription in a Tidy 'Tibble' Data_Frame

Released May 2, 2019 by JooYoung Seo

This package cannot yet be used with Renjin it depends on other packages which are not available: tibble 2.1.1, dplyr, and purrr 0.3.2


dplyr purrr 0.3.2 tibble 2.1.1 writexl 1.1 reticulate 1.12 magrittr 1.5 stringr 1.4.0

Although there exist some R packages tailored for YouTube API (e.g., 'tuber'), downloading YouTube video subtitle (i.e., caption) in a tidy form has never been a low-hanging fruit. Using 'youtube-transcript-api Python package' under the hood, this R package provides users with a convenient way of parsing and converting a desired YouTube caption into a handy 'tibble' data_frame object. Furthermore, users can easily save a desired YouTube caption data as a tidy Excel file without advanced programming background knowledge.



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